Mar 4, 2010

My first two weeks here!

So I decided to FINALLY update the world who looks here to find out what I am up to here in Lima, Peru, South America!!! 

I arrived February 20th, almost two weeks ago.  So far, it's been a crazy couple weeks since I have been going around with my Peruvian friend Yul to all these places I would have never gone if I had just come with the study abroad group.

It's been SO interesting to see how life works around here.  And the way life works is: everybody moves VERY VERY FAST!!! And plans change every 10 minutes! Life is hectic here, Peruvians typically work 12 hours a day, public transportation (Micros) are crazy too.  They pack people in these "buses" until they are literally like a can of tuna fish (as Yul says!!! hehe) but it's so true! Traffic here is ridiculously bad. I'm so happy I don't have a car!!! Gas is also very expensive, around 11 soles which is about 4 or 5 US dollars.  Everything here is different.  Everything even smells different. Each day is getting better and better!!

Can't wait because this weekend all the other study abroad students are arriving and I will finally get to meet some other people who are doing the same thing as me. So far I have only met Peruvians!!! Which is awesome, mind you, but I also need the support of people going through what I am going through. :) So excited!! Many fun adventures to come!

About the photos:  I am still waiting on that part because Yul is going to show me how to post more photos at a time and do a much much better job with it.  The next post will consist of pictures!



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