Feb 14, 2010

6 Days til PERU!!!!!

First of all Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who is reading this!!!!! Sending tons of love to you all. 

Second of all, I leave next Saturday, Feb. 20 at 2pm for LIMA PERU. I just spoke to Yul (for those who don't know she is my good friend I'm living with there) through the phone and she informed me that we are leaving right when she picks me up at the airport for a beach called Punta Hermosa (FOR A WEEK!). I am so stoked about it! YEAAAA!

I'll definitely be updating much more when I'm in Peru traveling and taking cool pics/vids and all that jazz. For now I am still in Tampa Florida with Sebastien enjoying a lot of down time. But by the time Saturday comes I will be so ready to keep movin'. Ready to start moving around all over the place and keep busy busy busy.  More exciting news will be posted in the coming weeks!!! :)

Thanks for reading and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!

PS- here is a view of the coastline of Lima if you guys are interested in seeing where I will be:

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